I am going on vacation next week with a Leeds escort agency companion, it’s costing me a pretty penny! My director of operations is basically making me attend some seminar that I don’t want to go to. All of my expenses are paid for through work and I offered to pay for her if she would accompany me. I took an extra couple of days off of work so that we could have some fun and enjoy some of the tourists attractions while we are there.

I am not to familiar with the area but when I looked online, they have plenty to do. They have some great shopping venues and a wide variety of cuisine to choose from. If this little get-a-away works out, I told her that we would go again in a month or two. That is the next time that I will be able to take more days off of work.

Delhi A Feast For The Senses!

Delhi is said to be one of the oldest cities in the world. India’s capital is full of hidden gems. It is a vibrant melting pot of languages, where Hindi, English, Punjabi and Urdu are spoken.

While in Delhi, take a stroll through the old town and visit the medieval-flavored bazaars, have great indian phone sex. Visit the Red Fort monument. Stop by and discover the many temples like the Jumma Masjid or Lotus Temple. Visit the memorial for Mahatma Gandhi, known as the father of the nation. Delhi’s recent cuisine revolution means that the traveler can savor varied platters from ethnic and traditional curries to more swanky and international fare. New Delhi is a fascinating city to take in the sights.

Whether you are exploring the history or the more modern attractions this city will enthrall you in its mystery. India with its homespun brand of hospitality they will make you feel at home.

Do I Have to Ask?

If I could just go up to a guy and ask if they wanna fuck it would make my life a whole lot easier. I have literally been single now for over a year because I am to shy to go up to a guy and apparently not good enough for guys to go up to. Not once at the bar has a man ever asked to buy me a drink or go home with him. Not that I would go home with a complete stranger, but it would be good for my self-esteem. I get so bummed out sometimes because all my girlfriends have so much fun dancing with other guys when we go out and I can never find the courage to have that type of fun. Maybe one day I will be able to, but for now I’ll just sit around and hope one comes my way.

A Sad Surprise

I was going through my garage yesterday and ended up stumbling upon my old keepsake box that I had when I was in middle school. I honestly started crying as I went through everything piece by piece. I guess I never knew how much all these things would end up meaning to me. The first memory I came across in the box was a picture of my father and I when I was only a year old. The second picture that cut right through me was of me and my best friend holding up a Leicester escorts sign as a joke for her fathers business. Both my father and my former best friend have passed away, so seeing these things break my heart each time I look at them. If I would have known I had this I would have tried to find it years ago.

Vacation Time!

My main goal next week on my vacation is to have sex in London and have the best time of my life. Every year I get a week off from work and I usually sit at home and catch up on house work. Not this year! This year I am going to London with two of my best friends and we are going to rent a hotel together. We have figured out what hotel yet, but I got a few great ones in mind. I don’t exactly have a ton of money but what I do have with surely give me all the fun I need and than some. I am hoping all of us girls our on the same level because I am ready to party and have the time of my life. Working 50 hours a week all year long will surely do this to a woman.

Bye Bye Miserable Life

My life has been very boring for the last three years because I am a stay at home mom. I do the same stuff all week long while my husband is at work. My day typically starts at 6:30 am because I have to get me six year old off to first grade. I drop her off at school and then it is off to the grocery store to figure out what I am making for dinner. I then go home and clean the house, do laundry and prepare dinner. It is so miserable!

A month ago I had decided to fit a little fun into my schedule! I have several different local shags that I can call over to my home during the day. They are very reliable, fun and will be over within an hour of my phone call. Once mommy gets to have her playtime it is off to school and spending time with the family.

Taken For A Ride

I was in relationship for over twenty years with my high school sweetheart. He decided that he wanted to be with someone else and not me any more. I was pretty shocked and never saw anything like this coming at me at all. He moved out when I was at work and I came home to an empty house. It completely destroyed me for about a year and I was pretty depressed.

I had to struggle to buy new furniture and appliances which I had to do little by little. I told myself from that day on that I would never get into another relationship again. It has been over 5 years and I am more independent then ever. My self-esteem is way higher then it used to be and when I need my sexual desires complete, I turn to fuck buddy dating.